Is Madsen Finance a Lender or an Intermediary?

Madsen Finance is an intermediary, i.e. we identify and arrange lending provided by third parties lenders on behalf of the borrower.

What type of finance does Madsen Finance provide?

Madsen Finance specializes in commercial property finance including construction and development as well as investment lending and is able to procure senior debt and also mezzanine debt and equity facilities.

What size of transactions does Madsen Finance work on?

Madsen Finance specializes in commercial property finance typically in excess of at least $1M up to and exceeding $100m.

What type of Lenders does Madsen Finance work with?

Madsen Finance has relationships with numerous lenders including major banks, investment banks, financial institutions and funds management companies, private lenders and mortgage trusts.

Why use Madsen Finance?

Our financing solutions are all individually tailored to meet specific client needs and project goals.

We always strive to add value to our clients’ funding processes through leveraging off:

  • Our property experience – our people have significant experience in property not just property finance.
  • Providing a single point of contact for financing, coupled with the competitiveness and flexibility of being able to access an entire market place of lenders.
  • Our long term relationships with numerous and varying sources of capital.
  • Our intimate and up to the minute finance market knowledge - including the various lenders current appetite and pricing.
  • Our buying power – the volume and quality of business which Madsen Finance refers to our various lending relationships ensure that we are able to negotiate market leading pricing.


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